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Aglow International - BOUNDLESS | Wednesday Global Leaders’ Summit I
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Wednesday Global Leaders’ Summit I

Wednesday Global Leaders’ Summit I

Jane opened our Global Leaders’ Summit by sharing that we are living in a culminating time in world history. She said that we are among the people that God has prepared for this time in history. He has called us for this time and for His purpose.

Jane opens the Global Leaders Summit by sharing a word from Rick Joyner.

Jane then introduced Graham Cooke, who has walked with us for more than ten years as a “building prophet” – helping us to understand our identity in Christ and find the fullness of who God made us to be. Here’s a synopsis of Graham’s powerful teaching during the first of two Leaders’ Summits for today:

These are strange days we are living in. I like strange days, because God never changes. He is the same day after day, year after year, regardless of rebellion or relationship. He never changes. For me, that means He chooses to be the same on my best day or my worst.

He is building a people who will be exactly the same. We don’t take our cues from the world around us. We take our orders from heaven.

So we make Him Lord of every situation. There’s only one surrender that’s worth while, it’s the surrender of the majesty of Jesus in our lives. There’s no need to be tired or worried because majesty makes all that irrelevant.

What makes the Lord above all other gods? His power, his excellence and His majesty. We are to be powerful in the strength of the Lord. All of us are going to need to prove that. When you go to another level it’s because you’ve unlearned something. What you learn about God gives you wings and causes you to rise up like Eagles.

I love The Lord of The Rings. The one scene-stealing moment is when the eagles come. I play it again and again because I know I’m watching myself. There are eagles all around this room. Don’t you be walking around like a chicken! You’re training to be the best people in the Kingdom on your worst day!

In majesty the joy of the Lord is always your strength. I read the Gospels all through the year, because I’m fascinated with who Jesus is. I’m too busy being fascinated to worry about my circumstances.

Majesty is an eye-opener. You can’t see His majesty without seeing yourself there. We’re all learning to grow up in the ways of Christ. Majesty is one of those things.

We trust in the nature of God towards us first, and then faith follows. It’s important for you to keep a record of all the things God has done for you. That’s what Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles 20. Add that scripture to your learning.

Caleb and Joshua knew that they were defined by the size of the opposition. When you see a giant in your life, you’re looking at what you will be when you defeat him. You see the giant the way God does.

Majesty must dominate the way we see and think.

This isn’t a “rah-rah” conference. We’re talking truth here. We’re all learning how to walk with “Big Jesus” — Eph. 3:20. More than we ask or think. What’s beyond thinking? Dreaming.

Majesty is about having an upgraded presence in our own lives. Stop saying “I wish I had His presence in my life.” say “I’m thankful that I carry His presence.” Stop longing for something that’s already here!

There’s a place set aside for everyone of us, and you need to step into the fullness and favor of it. It’s great to celebrate a Caleb in our midst, but I want to be one! Joshua was a man of presence. When everyone had left the Tent of Meeting, he would stay there. He went up the mountain with Moses. He waited for more than five weeks on the mountain. Why? Because presence meant that much to him.

Being an Overcomer

You’re an overcomer. Take some territory. You have strength. Show it. You have leadership. Step into it. In Christ, we were created to transform the planet. We cannot allow a theology that empowers the enemy and disables the power of God. Our attitude has to be “I’m in Christ, He’s in me…I’m a guaranteed overcomer.”

When something difficult happens, the first thing we need to do is rejoice.

RIGHT NOW – change the way you think. Then ask questions in line with majesty and who God is. Otherwise you’ll be asking questions in line with the difficulty, the way the world is.

Your language interchange with Jesus
You need to get yourself a powerful promise that you can quote in situations. Joshua 1:1-9, God gave him a bunch of promises. He needed them because he was going to fight battles and take territory. He needed those promises because of what was ahead.

My favorite question: (Gen 18:14) “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

It’s not enough to deliver people from bondage to the enemy. We’re here to displace things. There’s a poverty mindset about the end times. They think we’re going to be rescued from the chaos. Jesus isn’t coming back to rescue us, He’s returning to rescue them from us!

Extraordinary things are meant to happen. Make them happen!

These next 50 years, we will do ten times more than in the first 50. What is the expanded vision that God wants to bestow on us? There’s a higher level that you can attain right here – before you leave this conference.

There’s a new voice rising up in Aglow. Every region and nation, calling you to rise up. Get used to that voice.

Graham’s Prophetic Word Over Aglow
Aglow, this is your time to arise. We’ve known it for years now. I hear the Lord saying, “It would be great if you could arise a bit quicker.” This is the time to get a new lens and use it.

Get rid of any language that is unsuitable – use the language of Kingdom-minded people.

This is our time to cross over the Jordan of our circumstances and live in the land God has provided. When you’re walking through your neighborhood and job, it’s yours. Because He is the one true great territorial spirit. He’s marked out territory for you.

The Lord says to you “Walking in the Spirit is about taking everything that belongs to you. I’ve marked out places for you to overcome. There is no power that can come against you in the level that you inhabit in the Son. Don’t live in a lower place of expectancy and faith.

As you reign in the low places I will elevate you to inherit more. As I was with the Lord Jesus, so I will be with you – so that my favor will abound toward you. Favor is not a small thing. It’s not a parking place on a busy day. You will have massive favor.

Look for me everywhere. In the chaos – I’ll be there grinning. We will be writing crafted prayers for our city, asking “What are the promises over this place?” Then we’ll release those promises.

The Lord is saying “You know I can do more. Work with me.”

We aught to be writing PUSH prayers (Pray Until Something Happens). There’s another level of intercession that is linked to promises and prophesy. Don’t turn away from favor. Step into abundance.

This is your time to see yourself as the giant – as a man or woman of power, and it doesn’t matter who is against you, because you know who you are. None of this is easy, but it will be exciting. You’ll learn how to overcome and nothing will be impossible for you.
If these are the End Times, then what we need is an End Times people.

We’re learning our real identity here. We’re not grasshoppers.

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