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Aglow International - BOUNDLESS | Sunday Session Graham Cooke
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Sunday Session Graham Cooke

Sunday Session Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke has been walking with this ministry now for more than a decade. His prophetic insights, wisdom and teaching have helped us to step into the fullness of all that God has planned for Aglow and for us as individuals. Graham’s message on Sunday morning was the culmination of the “Now” word that God was bringing to us throughout this Jubilee Conference. What follows is an abbreviated version of his message. Subscribe to the Webcast or purchase the DVDs to get the full version. We all need to marinate in these truths and allow the Holy Spirit to embed them deep in our spirit.

A New Era
Welcome to the first day of a brand new era. My job is to broaden and deepen what happened last night.

The Holy Spirit is closing the gap between promise and fulfillment.

We are behind the times of the Kingdom. The Holy Spirit is helping us play catch-up.

Jesus said now the kingdom is here and everyone is pressing into it.

This is the biggest moment in the history of Aglow.

Aglow is a kingdom community.

Thankfully we are heading into the mother of all fights. We need the Word of the Lord in a way we never have before. We need to begin to understand what He is saying, what He’s thinking, What He’s planning to do. There is an urgency in His heart to release things.

Jane is always referencing what God has said in the past. We need to quit asking for a new word if we haven’t seen fulfillment of the old word.

Unfolding Prophesy
Prophecy must become as true in our heart as it is in His. Our response is key to all this. It’s not time that brings fulfillment to prophecy, it’s positioning. We can get there sooner than we imagine. Don’t delay your response or your responsibility to come up to the level that this prophecy can be fulfilled.

Prophecy is designed to create a life that can attract prophetic fulfillment. He’s looking at you and saying “I’m ready…”

God doesn’t measure time, He measures growth. Prophecy is much more than an event, it’s an invitation to become. He’s looking for focused intentionality.

Jane has been excellent at refocusing the movement to becoming present-future.

There’s no more powerful lifestyle than living in the unfolding of prophecy.

We are an exploring, pioneering organization. We have territory to take and we have prophetic words that give us permission.

You Should Have…
Elisha said to the king of Israel “Strike the ground…”. He struck the ground with the arrows, but only three times. The prophet said, “Now you shall defeat your enemy only three times…” (2 Kings 3:18).
First part of this story is about the danger of only going half way. A story of regret. The second part is the story of what God intended. The worst thing we can hear from the Lord is “You should have, then you would have, but now you will only have this.”

Prophecy and promise create a window of opportunity. David became kingly before he was crowned king. If you’ve been declared to be a warrior but you’re a wimp, you can’t sit around waiting to become a warrior.

The arrow is about strategic victories God is going to give you in the future.

Every future word has to become a “now” word at some point.

The Lord is saying to us “come.” The day of “wait” is over. We have to become like Him so we can inhabit the territory He is giving us.

Making War on Negativity
The word of the Lord creates chaos against negativity. You turn prophetic words on the low places to see them get built up so you are established at a different level.

It’s important for us in Aglow to make war on negativity.

Graham encourages us to pay attention to what has been spoken at this conference. Our Mandates just got a serious upgrade!

Opposition attaches to what you don’t remove. If you’re not attaching yourself to the word of the Lord, then the enemy will come and attach himself to you.

When the opportunity of a lifetime comes, you must act within the lifetime of that opportunity.

Your identity needs to show up. You know who you are and you know what you’re capable of in Jesus.

Moses tried to tell God that he wasn’t qualified for the job. God didn’t listen to Moses’ view of himself. Instead He said “I will make you as God to Pharaoh.”

Prophesy is your currency. He doesn’t resource your ministry; He resources your persona in the Kingdom.

Leaders who are not in alignment with destiny, who just want business as usual cannot stand the heat of accelerated development.

Make no mistake… the test is designed for people who can bear the fulfillment.

Position yourself according to the promise, not the circumstances.

Aglow was begun by explorers and pioneers. Many of us have become settlers, enjoying the ground pioneers have taken. We need to become pioneers again.

Make decisions inline with a future that’s already been decided.

Jane said to us in our International Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, “We’re living in a culminating moment.” At stake here is Aglow’s future and our destiny in the earth. We don’t want to hear “You should have…”

Pay attention to what happened these last few meetings, from Barbara, Chuck and Dutch.

Your mantle just got serious.

Aglow is rising up in the power of the new man. Only Christ in you can accomplish this!

The glass ceiling in the church just got smashed. That demands a lens change. The old wine skin of Aglow cannot become inflexible. If we can’t respond to this, we’ll become an out-of-date people saying out-of-date things. Not understanding that destiny is always progressing.

Jane: “Keeper of the Keys”

This is the biggest moment in the history of Aglow.

God gave me a picture of you, Jane. With a crown on your head and a scepter in your hand. You banged on the door with the scepter and it swung open. When you crossed the threshold there were all kinds of boxes full of gifts. When you began to open them there were words from the 60’s and beyond. Some were in treasure chests because they were so important. 

The Lord is saying, I have blessed you with all these resources. The day of intercession has ended and a new day of proclamation has begun. The time is done, the day is here. No more waiting for time to be fulfilled. IT IS TIME!

You’ll go from strength to strength. Places that were closed will open. I see hundreds of thousands of young people rising up. Keep praying, “Lord, give me this day… “ whatever you have need of.

This destiny cannot fall on Jane alone. This requires an unprecedented step up. We’ve been handed a golden ticket. Business as usual just got killed, run over by a truck full of promises.

This new Aglow has been coming for the last three to five years. We all need to get on board because now it’s here and we all need to adjust to a new reality. No more lack of resources, no more doing your own thing. You all have these prophetic promises, so you need to develop your own line of credit with God.

We’re facing the opportunity of a lifetime. Beloved, we must act within the lifetime of that opportunity. These are unprecedented days, events, ministry from Barbara, Chuck and Dutch. It requires an unprecedented response.

Father I thank you. These are the days of astonishing promise. Not a window, but a huge door. The first thing you are connecting us with is our prophetic destiny. We want to stand in your presence and say “I’m all in”.

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  • Elizabeth Choy

    I would like to hear or read Chuck Pierce comments from Saturday morning.

    November 26, 2017 at 9:29 pm