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Aglow International - BOUNDLESS | Saturday Morning Chuck Pierce
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Saturday Morning Chuck Pierce

Saturday Morning Chuck Pierce

On Saturday, Chuck Pierce brought an amazing message to us (no surprise!) about the times in which we live and what he perceives as Aglow’s role in the years to come. Chuck’s prophetic edge is sharper than ever as he shared the word God had given him for this ministry — and for us as individuals. To get the full message, subscribe to our Webcast.

We’re not going through the door the same way we have in the past. We have to realign our expectation. Expectation is aligned with hope.

Decree a renewal of faith.

This is the season of Ayin (70). This is Israel’s 70th year. Breaking out of captivity and moving into a new identity. Ayin is a season of watching. Angelic hosts are aligning with God’s people.

This is a season of sending – our apostolic strength and call.

If you aren’t giving to your apostolic leaders you aren’t aligned properly.

5777 was the year of the sword. This was a year of division – the sword brings division. The real war is transforming into our new identity.

God is watching how Aglow shifts today into its identity for the future.

Richmond – “Give me liberty or give me death.” There’s a call to freedom in this city. Couldn’t have been a better place in America for this conference to happen.

Time is circular. We’re taking the sword and crown from last year and moving into the new. The familiarity of the past will vie with your moving into the future. It needs to end.
Jesus wasn’t able to perform miracles in Nazareth because of their familiarity of the past.
If you’re in your 70’s in this decade you need to move into the new.

2017 Aglow Global Conference - Chuck Pierce shares about the year of the gate.

5778 – The year of the Gate
Decree that I am pressing through the confusion to get through the new gate.

For the first time in the history of this country we honored Israel from the White House. All news agencies shut it down.

A new alignment of husband and bridegroom (represented by the Hebrew letter Chet).
Eight is linked with the power of the first. New beginnings. This whole year becomes a new beginning. We must choose to step into the new. We ARE the new beginning (not just looking for it). That “new” needs to be demonstrated and worked out.

Move forward in faith and walk through the gate. It’s our breakthrough portal year!

Today (Yom Kippur) begins the three years of breakthrough.

Regions – God is looking at entire regions. Then He says “Come up here!”

Women will have decisive voices and power to bring healing to the cities.

5778 is also linked with energy. We have the anointing and power and energy to go through the gate. From this day forward we move with the new momentum. As I step through the gate you have the momentum and energy that is needed.

5778 – the Year of Ruth! It’s about about two generations aligning to regain what was lost, then advancing forth into restoration. Restoration doesn’t just regain what was lost, it gives you seven times more than what was lost.

Change your clothes! Take off the widow rags, put on the best dress you can find. It’s a new day with new anointing. We have never seen what we’re about to see. It’s new!

Ruth had a sure thing — if one relative doesn’t give it, Boaz will. One way or another this thing is going to break through. Boaz lived just a short time after that. Just long enough for Naomi to regain her inheritance and for Ruth to lock in her destiny.

Women – you are going to receive a seer anointing. You’ll see what God is doing. Prophetic anointing that announces what is ahead.

Jesus blew on them and they shifted from being disciples to apostles. There’s a new baptism for Aglow in this year. Aglow International is called to propel the Kingdom advancement for the future into the door that God has prepared. Women will bring to birth, secure the new, and overcome the dragon. This is a year of birthing.

We step into the new this year, but in that vision, we must protect what God is doing for the next two years. In the third year there will be a manifestation – a sweeping of God’s spirit.

Jane followed up Chuck’s message with a call for Aglow women to step into the fullness of the Genesis 3:15 prophesy. Chuck then presented a mantle made by a widow in Israel — the “Naomi” mantle coming to activate Ruth in the future.

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