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Aglow International - BOUNDLESS | Saturday Evening Dutch Sheets
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Saturday Evening Dutch Sheets

Saturday Evening Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets has been a friend and advisor of Aglow for many years. His message to us on this, our Jubilee year, was powerful and prophetic. We are so blessed to have people like Dutch who hear clearly from God and care so deeply about this ministry. The following is an outline of what Dutch shared with us. For the full message, subscribe to the Webcast. You’ll have access to all the conference sessions until December 15.

I want to share four breakthrough Words

  1. Chronos
    General season of time
  2. Kairos
    Window of opportunity
    Strategic time when something must be done
  3. Beautiful
    From the Greek word “hōraios” meaning the right time
    When everything comes together and it creates a beautiful thing
  4. Fullness
    Why did God have Jesus walk by the lame man at this gate many times but didn’t heal him, but then Peter healed him? It wasn’t the right time. A portal is when you step through that door. It’s a window in a window – a portal in the Spirit.

I can say right now that what has been accomplished by this ministry is a small fruit compared to what He is about to do.

We are about to see the greatest outpouring that anyone has ever seen in the earth.

He has positioned Aglow to be the point of the spear. Well-placed. You are positioned to pull a people through a window.

This is the breakthrough portal year. You will make decisions this year that will affect the next 10 or 20.

He is giving this ministry an opportunity that few have ever been given; which is to be part of more than one move of God.

You will now be one of the key ministries in the Third Great Awakening on planet earth.
You are going to hear strategies that will absolutely change this planet. Amen!

A new wine skin has nothing to do with age. It has everything to do with the heart. An old wine skin is a person that cannot accept the new.

Today’s wisdom is yesterday’s revelation.

Well done, leadership of Aglow for remaining a fresh wine skin that could stay in wisdom and revelation.

Know Your History

An intercessor I know had a dream, saw an antique store with the name History. She heard “You’re going to need some things in your history to accomplish what you have for the future.”

Some of the prophetic words than are maybe a decade or two or three old, are for now.

God is speaking — if you’re not getting revelation it’s your own fault.

David and Goliath — The whole mindset David entered that battle with was based on his history. He didn’t use Goliath’s name. He called him uncircumcised, which meant he didn’t have a covenant with the covenant-keeping God. He then showed me the location, the Valley of Elah. “This is my land, God’s already given it to me.”

Dutch Sheets speaking at our 50th Anniversary Conference in 2017

When David said “Is there not a cause?” The word could have been translated “history”. He was saying I have a history with God — killing the lion and the bear. 

He grabbed a staff and entered the battlefield. His staff probably had his history carved in it. He grabbed his history and headed for battle.

 He went to the brook to grab stones. The word for “brook” means inheritance. He grabbed his history in one hand, reached into his inheritance and entered the battlefield. 

Judah means “extend a hand” or “he who throws stones.

The greatest harvest of Aglow isn’t in your past, it’s in front of you. There are giants that you are going to kill! When the assignment comes, you don’t have to be intimidated.

You are a giant killing organization!

Be ready, there is strategy coming.

I release a dreaming anointing to this leadership!

Air Superiority
In World War II, the allies had a strategy: a thousand bombers nightly to bomb German cities. This will demoralize the Nazis.

Germany missed the opportunity to establish air superiority by a hair’s breath. The allies said “We are going to scourge the Third Reich from end to end. We are going to bomb Germany city by city to make it impossible for the Nazis to finish the war.”

It worked.

God started speaking to me about air superiority. I went to a meeting in Jacksonville Florida with a pastor who’s assignment is to pray several hours on Sunday morning. A mega church can’t do that. This was a small congregation.

 He discerned that Jacksonville was the headquarters of the spirit of Leviathan in the US.

It was where the gospel was preached on American soil for the first time. It’s also where the first martyr was killed. Even the river had taken on the shape of Leviathan. The eye was exactly where the Huguenots church was established.

 We were invited to go.

I’ve weighed this carefully. I’m accountable for this. The apostolic praying church has now established air superiority on the earth. The Holy Spirit can now say to us, deal with the enemy and relentlessly drop bombs from the heavens on him until he is no longer able to resist you.

We are not just priests that petition and worship, we are moving into the royal priesthood area. We are not just going to ask, we are going to decree a thing and watch it change.

I heard the Holy Spirit say 25 years ago that the church was going to move from petition to proclamation. I’ve been waiting for the church to become the government of God on the earth.

This will be one of the greatest facets of the next phase of the worldwide prayer movement. It will be relaunched on Feb 22, 2018. It’s more than just prayer. It’s the Ecclesia arising.

I don’t know of another company of intercessors that could better model this kingly role of petition and declaration.

The word of the Lord is going to resound from Heaven and it will be established.

After his message, Dutch led us in a powerful time of prayer and declaration over Jane and the ministry of Aglow. Be sure and subscribe to the Webcast to watch the archives, or order a set of DVDs. Everyone involved in Aglow needs to watch this session.

  • Dean Curtis

    Thank you Rick Allen for putting these up!

    October 6, 2017 at 9:49 am
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    Thanks Rick for doing this !

    October 7, 2017 at 1:28 am
  • Rohini Jayasekera

    Thanks for posting this Rick!

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  • Miriam Rotman

    Hello Rick, thank you for posting this is so clear and help us to remember the key words and powerful message from Dutch Sheets,
    God bless you!

    October 8, 2017 at 10:07 pm