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Global Leaders’ Summit

Global Leaders’ Summit

Welcome to the 2017 50th Celebration of Aglow International!

As people prepare to come each year, they see that there are meetings schedule for leaders. So, who do we consider to be leaders?

Would you be surprised to know that the definition of leader in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary does not mention the need to have a title? A leader is someone who guides others. A leader is a person who influences others, who prepares them, who calls out to them from a place of confidence and courage.

The truth is, we are all leading someone. In times of trouble, does your family know that they can come to you for prayer or wisdom? Do friends look to you for guidance in certain situations? You, my friend, are a leader! And YOU are welcomed to attend this year’s Global Leader’s Summit!

It is our belief that Aglow has been providing training for both women and men since 1967. Early on, those pioneers recognized they would need to provide training for where Aglow was going – and who had a clue that we would be designated by God to be a visual aid in the earth today?

So whether or not you have a title, come to Exhibit Hall AB in the Richmond Convention Center Wednesday, September 27th from 1:30PM – 6:00PM and receive the next phase of training that is required to be a leader in today’s world. Both Jane Hansen Hoyt and Graham Cooke will be the featured speakers.

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