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Aglow International - BOUNDLESS | Global Leaders’ Summit II
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Global Leaders’ Summit II

Global Leaders’ Summit II

Graham taught again for the second round of our Global Leaders’ Summit today. Here’s a synopsis of his teaching…

The Anatomy of Overcoming

Life lessons – I have a couple that are really difficult right now, and it’s very interesting to me. There’s a day of vengeance for us, where we learn how to push the enemy back and the enemy realizes that this isn’t a fair fight. It’s a fight we can’t loose.

It’s important for us to get revenge on the enemy. To make him pay.

The world is spiraling downwards, but we’re spiraling up in our identity, inheritance and to lead lives that represent Jesus.

You need to understand your personal inheritance.
Goodness has a nuclear power attached to it. It’s important we are moving in the goodness of God, not the hatred of the world. Eph. 1:18 “That the eyes of your heart may be enlightened…to know the surpassing power toward those who believe…seated far above all rule and authority… and He put all things in subjection under His feet…and gave authority to the church.”
Eph. 3:10 “…that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places…
Eph. 6:11 “Put on the full armor of God…”
It’s so important for us to take our lives off the world and come under the Kingdom.

Dealing with the Old Man is like exhuming a corpse and giving it plastic surgery! You’re learning how to be fully alive to all the blessings and promises of God.

He Goes Before Us
God goes before us, and then He comes with us. Do you ever wonder what God sees when He goes before you? He sees every problem, and He puts a promise and provision next to that problem. Then he goes with you and points out everything that he’s prepared for you.
It’s appropriate for us to step away from the anxiety of the world and into the peace and wonder of the kingdom.

Dullness — when we’re too preoccupied with the world to see the Kingdom properly. A huge part of the kingdom is “now the enemy has to serve us.” He was created to serve the Lord. Nothing has changed. He doesn’t know that by opposing us he makes us greater. It’s important for you to know that.

There comes a time where the enemy will quit in the face of majesty. He is powerless in the face of the Lord.

We are coming into a time when we’re going to get revelation before a battle happens, and we know the outcome of that attack before we enter a fight. It’s because we need to know how much plunder we’re going to take. The wealth of the wicked is going to come through difficult times. We need crafted prayers to deal with them.

The health care issue is tailor-made for the church to develop a healing ministry par excellence.

You need a sense of wonder and astonishment. You might get through but you won’t prosper in the face of difficulty.

You’re a new creation — a race of people never before seen in the earth. People in the old testament were living under visitation. We are a habitation culture.

We need to establish a sense of wonder and worship. Our meetings will be 55 minutes of worship. We’ll give thanks more than we pray. Then the Spirit of God will come rising up through people.

Ex. 3:7 “I have seen the afflictions of my people in Egypt…” This is a classic strategy session for overcoming. It’s where we learn the anatomy of an overcomer. It’s not just running the enemy out, it’s rebuilding the cities.

Don’t tell me what I can’t do, says the Lord. Tell me what you’re prepared to believe for.

In warfare we learn what we can receive from God.

I think in the church if we had less meetings we could accomplish more. Jesus didn’t say I have come that you might have meetings and have them more abundantly.

In the grace of God there are no rules, except for the rule of love and the rule of trust.

Pioneers want to see what’s out there; they want to discover things; they want to go prospecting. They aren’t settlers.

We are game changers in Aglow. We play by Kingdom rules (there are none). We’re not waiting. Overcomers don’t wait.

If you own up to your identity, your resources will come with it.

Graham Shares a Prophetic Word
The Lord says I know every circumstance of your life without you having to tell me. I am thoroughly acquainted with your tears. There is a divine exchange that I have for you. Keep on asking. I can become your divine exchange as I teach you how to receive. You are a receiver.

There was much more that Graham had to say in this message, including a full prophetic word over Aglow at the end. To watch the full message, subscribe to our Webcast. You’ll get every session at this historic conference with options to watch live or anytime that works for you, including the Gala concert with Paul Wilbur. Register for the Webcast Today!

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