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Aglow International - BOUNDLESS | Friday Evening Barbara Yoder
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Friday Evening Barbara Yoder

Friday Evening Barbara Yoder

The house was packed Friday evening with an estimated 5000 people in attendance as Apostle Barbara Yoder brought a powerful message that challenged us to hunger for God in a greater way and to expect His power to manifest in our lives. Here’s a condensed version of what she shared. To watch the full session, subscribe to our Webcast.Early Days with Aglow

When I was still new in the Lord, Aglow women prayed for me and literally delivered me into a different realm. I began to mature in the Lord and to speak at different places. One of my first prophetic words was at an Aglow meeting. A woman was going to kill herself and the Lord delivered her.

In 2003 I spoke at an Aglow convention. Two thirds of the way through there was an emotional explosion in the audience and they all rushed to the platform. I’d never seen anything like it before nor since. I cried all the way to the airport.

In 2004 there was a fire alarm that went off while I was speaking. God was saying “You’ve got to leave now.” I declare that you are entering a place you’ve never been before. The greatest global encounter the world has ever seen is about to unfold.

A while back, God encountered me and overtook me for Israel because of Jane’s influence. Now I go into Israel every year.

We are stepping into the greatest days in history. There are tremendous parallels between 2017 and 1967. The women warriors are rising like never before.

Apostle Barbara Yoder speaking at our 50th Anniversary Conference in 2017

Fifteen years ago three significant moves of God were birthed. Charismatic Renewal, Jesus People, Word of Faith (Kenneth Copeland).

We’re not something special. It has to do with mantles God is handing out.

Don’t look at the mess right now, because in the midst of 1967 the Spirit broke out in a new way. So it was then, so it shall be now.

This is Aglow’s Jubilee. Here is what I see happening:

  1. God will give back more than you can imagine
  2. Liberty in every way. The year of Jubilee restored a simplicity of life to the Jews. Get rid of everything that can be unloaded. It’s significant that this conference is happening in Rosh Hashanah in the year 5778. God is opening new doors. God is getting ready to open territory. Open people. There’s a release in the spiritual atmosphere. God is getting ready to shift the atmosphere. 
It’s a breakthrough year. Payback is happening. 50 years are finished and we are entering a whole new era.

Spiritual Hunger
God is looking for people who are hungry. I spoke at a conference in Korea with 5000 people. Koreans are crazy hungry for more of God. I met a 76 year old woman leading a church of 1000 millennials. Don’t look at the outside appearance, look at the mantle.

Increase the hunger in Aglow — the world needs you.

People are leaving churches by the droves because God is getting ready to do a new thing.
Four things I’m led by:

  1. A dream about the Titanic sinking. The ministry machine of the past era is sinking. God is putting the ministry in everyone’s hands and He’s equipping you to do things you’ve never done before.
  2. An army going across the nation breaking things down. Behind it, revival is breaking out. There is a brand new birthing across the earth.
  3. Revival was breaking out in a hidden place. A raging fire. You couldn’t tell the difference from the business buildings and church buildings. God is dealing with the hidden and secret things. He’s going to use people who aren’t going to use it for a reputation or a ministry.
  4. Huge tsunami of glory. God is literally releasing His entire angelic host. Glory releases revival and revival releases transformation. God wants us to get our mouths in line with heaven. That’s hard. I compare the reality of what I’m looking at with the reality of God.

You’re ready to receive a fresh call. God said “Whom shall I send?” We’re going to see the greatest global harvest that we’ve ever seen and God is picking person after person after person. It doesn’t matter how old you are. The question is: are you hungry?

God is looking for people who are hungry for Him. I know a 72 year old woman who had a call to Serbia. She now has a prayer network.

We’re trying to accommodate everything with our culture and our stuff, and God is saying who will go for me?


In the 60’s Detroit was one of the wealthiest cities in the US. Then the racial clashes began to happen. They declared bankruptcy in 2013. Now we have the lowest unemployment rate in the US. The young people were looking to the future. The old ones were stuck with the glory days of the past.

I believe God wants to start raging fires through people – ordinary people who have this raging burning fire for God.

This is the beginning of a brand new era. The best is yet to come. Now is the time to stand up and clap and shout!

The Lord said “You had your feet to move in the past, but now he’s giving you horses to ride.” He is stirring up a new spirit and you will not walk, you will ride into your future.

Lift up your heads oh you gates (you and me), be lifted up you everlasting doors that the King of Glory may come in.

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