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Aglow International - BOUNDLESS | Rick Allen
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Author:Rick Allen

Sunday Session Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke has been walking with this ministry now for more than a decade. His prophetic insights, wisdom and teaching have helped us to step into the fullness of all that God has planned for Aglow and for us as individuals. Graham’s message on Sunday morning was the culmination of the “Now” word that God was bringing to us throughout this Jubilee Conference. What follows is an abbreviated version of his message. Subscribe to the Webcast or purchase the DVDs to get the full version. We all need to marinate in these truths and allow the Holy Spirit to embed them deep in our spirit.

Saturday Evening Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets has been a friend and advisor of Aglow for many years. His message to us on this, our Jubilee year, was powerful and prophetic. We are so blessed to have people like Dutch who hear clearly from God and care so deeply about this ministry. The following is an outline of what Dutch shared with us. For the full message, subscribe to the Webcast. You’ll have access to all the conference sessions until December 15.

Saturday Morning Chuck Pierce

On Saturday, Chuck Pierce brought an amazing message to us (no surprise!) about the times in which we live and what he perceives as Aglow’s role in the years to come. Chuck’s prophetic edge is sharper than ever as he shared the word God had given him for this ministry — and for us as individuals. To get the full message, subscribe to our Webcast.

Friday Evening Barbara Yoder

The house was packed Friday evening with an estimated 5000 people in attendance as Apostle Barbara Yoder brought a powerful message that challenged us to hunger for God in a greater way and to expect His power to manifest in our lives. Here’s a condensed version of what she shared. To watch the full session, subscribe to our Webcast.

Friday Morning Opening Session

The opening session was a celebration of what God has done in the nations over the past 50 years. We enjoyed a video of Aglow women and men dancing and rejoicing, then Jane began the Flag Parade by describing the setting in which Aglow was birthed, followed by the ministry’s expansion around the world.
Enjoy this video highlight of the beginning of the Flag Parade…

Wednesday Global Leaders’ Summit I

Jane opened our Global Leaders’ Summit by sharing that we are living in a culminating time in world history. She said that we are among the people that God has prepared for this time in history. He has called us for this time and for His purpose.