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Aglow International - BOUNDLESS | Martha Stanley
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Author:Martha Stanley

Conference Fireside Chats

fireplaceLast year during the Leader’s Summit, Graham Cooke spoke on the type of leader needed during times of chaos. He and Jane have been speaking consistently about the reinvention of the grassroots level of Aglow – the Lighthouse, Candlelight, and Fellowship.

Global Leaders’ Summit

Welcome to the 2017 50th Celebration of Aglow International!

As people prepare to come each year, they see that there are meetings schedule for leaders. So, who do we consider to be leaders?

Mercy Mall

Gifts to the City

Mercy Mall

The charity that we have selected this year is Mercy Mall. It is a ministry that has taken on the form of a free clothing and housewares boutique. Those who have fallen on hard times, or experienced an emergency such as a house fire, flood or another type of disaster may “shop” in their facility free of charge.